A high quality txakoli

From Berez Galanta we present a superior quality txakoli, with freshness, that transmits with personality the variables that occur each vintage.

berez galanta txakoli

High-ending wine for demanding palates

Our txakoli is a wine aged on fine lees that enhances the aging process. It contains apple and stone fruit aromas, presenting itself as very fresh, sweet and with structure, as well as having the power of aging.

After a year in the bottle, it presents a clean nose with aromas of white fruit, conference pear, Great Smith apple, an herbaceous point and a very soft light citrus aroma.

In the mouth, it maintains a slight carbonation and in its passage the fruit-sweetness-acidity balance and a very pleasant slight mineral sensation stand out.

The finish is soft and long at the same time. It leaves a good varietal sensation with a slight bitterness and a moderate alcoholic weight that makes it more than recommendable.


Do you want to enjoy our wine at home?

To buy "Galanta" please contact the cellar at email:galanta@txakoligalanta.com or by mobile phone: 649 24 87 77.


+34 627 52 72 25


Arteta Bidea, 7. Galdakao. 48960 – Vizcaya (Spain)

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