Berez Galanta

The Urrutikoetxea Garcia family from Galdakao has made a dream come true with Berez Galanta Winery.

Family winery
that is committed to quality

We have created a Txakoli with more body and structure from selected grapes to accompany the exquisite gastronomy of the Basque Country.

Now, in 2022 we present an excellent high-ending txakoli, special for restaurants and demanding palates.


The Berez Galanta winery is located on the highest hill of Arteta neighborhood, with a privileged natural environment in the town of Galdakao. Located at an altitude of 259 m. above sea level, the winery is surrounded by 12 hectares of vineyards of the native grape variety Hondarribi Zuri.

The vineyard is cared for by using sustainable techniques and the sheep clear the grass during the winter campaign while they fertilize the vineyard. The Berez Galanta Txakoli is a wine aged on fine lees that enhances the breeding for its aging.

Another of the strengths of our wines is the proximity of the vineyards to the winery, which helps to create wines with more aroma, quality and body.


The variety throughout the vineyard planted around the winery is Hondarribi zuri.

With apple and stone-fruit aroma, the wine is very fresh, sweet and structured, while it develops a strong aging potential.

The txakoli, after a year in the bottle, presents a clean nose with aromas of white fruit, conference pear, Gran Smith apple, a herbaceous point and a light and very soft citrus aroma.

In the mouth, it maintains a slight carbonation and in its passage both the fruit-sweetness-acidity balance and a very pleasant slight mineral sensation stand out. The finish is soft and long at the same time. It leaves a good varietal sensation with a slight bitterness and a moderate alcoholic weight that makes it more than recommendable.

Some History

The Urrutikoetxea Garcia family from Galdakao has made a long-standing dream come true with the Berez Galanta.

The first Hondarribi Zuri plantations were made in 2011. In 2019, the production of quality wines began, resulting in a wine with a strong aroma of fresh fruit, floral essences, with body and structure. It has recently been qualified by the Denomination of Origin as "Txakoli Berezia" (meaning Special Txakoli).

Historically, wine has been part of our culture, around which we gather to celebrate with our beloved ones. "Kuadrilla Galanta" is what a wine distributor very close to the family called the group of friends at the time. Hence the name of the winery, which carries the essence of a family that has put all its heart into the Berez Galanta.


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Arteta Bidea, 7. Galdakao. 48960 – Vizcaya (Spain)

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